welcome to the DC-3 AIRWAYS

World Rally 2018


 This is the 15th year of DC-3 Airways World Rally flying. The format of 2018 World Rally will be a bit different than the previous years.

We will start with 3 legs taken from the 2003 World Rally, followed by 3 legs from the 2008 World Rally, just as it was described then but with some updated text for some navaids. Legs 7 and 8 will be newly created flights in a more modern description. The planning phase for Leg 9 will hold a surprise for many, the format very close to what is being used in the real world Rally and Precision Flying.

We end the World Rally 2018 with a flight taken from the WR 2003, a tribute flight to the founder of DC-3 Airways, Charles Wood. We also add the names of Ron Bushell and Norman Hancock.


The aim of the DC-3 Airways World Rally is:

  • To thoroughly enjoy your flight
  • To get the greatest satisfaction out of your proper flight planning, preparation and execution
  • To improve your ability in the usage of modern flight planners
  • To measure your abilities against other users


time schedule


Please make an effort to stick to the PIREP time schedule, but you will NOT be penalised for late submission of times.

Leg Date PIREP Due
01 Th 1 Nov Su 4 Nov
02 Sa 3 Nov Tu 6 Nov
03 Mo 5 Nov Th 8 Nov
04 We 7 Nov Sa 10 Nov
05 Sa 10 Nov Tu 13 Nov
06 Mo 12 Nov Th 15 Nov
07 We 14 Nov Sa 17 Nov
08 Sa 17 Nov Tu 20 Nov
09 Mo 19 Nov Th 22 Nov
10 We 21 Nov Sa 24 Nov

rules of the DC-3 Airways World Rally


  1. Absolute integrity.
  2. Only DC-3/C-47.
  3. All flights to be conducted in cloud and visibility OK (CAVOK).
  4. Your nominated groundspeed(GS) is 150 kts, plan your flights around this. Get your E-6B out to calculate your Indicated Airspeed(IAS) for the altitudes you are going to fly.

DC-3 World Rally liveries (repaints)


Entries up to today:




Chandler Baer, DC-3 Airways

Larry Bevis, DC-3 Airways

Alan T. Butler, DC-3 Airways

Austin Davis, DC-3 Airways

Howard Hartsock, DC-3 Airways

Alan Heiner, DC-3 Airways

Bud Lane, DC-3 Airways

Rick Larson, DC-3 Airways

Allen Peterson, Bluegrass Airlines

Glen Sayles, DC-3 Airways

Dick Swann, DC-3 Airways

Robert Tonkin, DC-3 Airways

Gaston Webb, DC-3 Airways


Yvon Bourdeau,DC-3 Airways

Alan Glen,DC-3 Airways

Rick L., Misty Flying Club

Brian Lee, DC-3 Airways

Chester Szcypciak, DC-3 Airways


Courtin Alexis, French Air Force

FAF007, French Air Force

Pascal Colin, French Air Force

Dominique Dupin, French Air Force

Philippe Knockaert, DC-3 Airways

Mellau, French Air Force


Glen Broome, DC-3 Airways

Simon Dix, DC-3 Airways

Dave Gott, DC-3 Airways

John Lawler, DC-3 Airways

Allan Lowson, Bluegrass Airlines


Country FSX P3D X-Plane FS2004 Total
USA 5 4 2 2 13
Netherlands 1 5 1 7
France 5 1 6
Canada 4 1 5
UK 1 2 2 5
South Africa 1 3 4
Portugal 1 1 1 3
Australia 2 1 3
Belgium 1 1
Bermuda 1 1
Finland 1 1
Ukraine 1 1
TOTALS 12 23 8 8 51


Cees Cools

Piet de Geus, DC-3 Airways

Roy Möhmann, DC-3 Airways

Josh van den Ing, DC-3 Airways


Henk Hijwegen, DC-3 Airways

Jan Vaane, FSEindhoven


Len Henning, DC-3 Airways

Hugo Nel, ZAV

Andre Potgieter

Michael Robertson, DC-3 Airways


Daniel Benoliel

Eduardo Crispim, Skies of Freedom

Domingos Nunes, DC-3 Airways


Laurie Cooper, DC-3 Airways

Paul Pegler, DC-3 Airways

Les Smith, DC-3 Airways


Michel Gesquirere, DC-3 Airways


Dale Butterfield, DC-3 Airways


Kari Taura, DC-3 Airways


Vlad Zabroda, DC-3 Airways